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I was only in Panama for just over a week before I had to get back on the plane back to Germany.
But I didn't want to miss the chance to get a little insight into this country that I otherwise only knew from Janosch. When I arrived exhausted at the airport at night and expected a relaxed drive to the hostel, I was quickly confronted with the turbulent reality and hustle and bustle of the largest commercial metropolis in Central America. Traffic was jammed on four-lane roads, while the glowing skyline of downtown loomed on the horizon.
But if at first glance Panama City looks like a polished, westernized forest of skyscrapers, leaving the financial district for the old town of Casco Viejo and the surrounding area opens the door to a completely different world.
It quickly becomes clear that Panama has so much more to offer than skyscrapers and the canal!
The breathtaking island paradise of the San Blas Atoll or valley-spanning rainbows in the cloud forest of the highlands - I'm sure this photo documentation will give you an idea that Panama is worth more than just a short trip beyond the city limits of the capital!

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