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This is an invitation to explore one of my absolute favorite countries. Colombia is without a doubt the most exciting country I have ever been to.
The sheer size, cultural and scenic diversity, the wonderful people - the fascination of this country has captivated me like no other. Even a four-week trip doesn't do it justice.
Everywhere I went, I was welcomed with open arms and indescribable friendliness, felt safe at all times and was inspired anew every day.
The journey took me from Bogota to an underground cathedral, across the country to the Salento coffee region, the famous Valle de Cocora to Medellin, where I admired the changes in Comuna 13. Via the Caribbean Cartagena, the highlands of Minca to the distant Caribbean island of Providencia and to the southernmost part of the country on the Amazon - and yet all this was not enough to experience all the facets of this fantastic country. I will definitely be back
Nevertheless, this photo series is a tribute to Colombia - this wonderful country with its landscapes, cities and people.