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Volcanoes have exerted a fearsome fascination since the dawn of mankind. Among them, Guatemala's Vólcan de Fuego: towering 4,000m above sea level as a testament to the raw power of nature. Located about 20 km southwest of Antigua, climbing this giant is more than just a hike and a physical challenge; it is an adventure to the most primal, indomitable force on earth. A tour to one's own limits. An emotional highlight whose memory will inspire me for a lifetime. Accompany me along the steep slopes of the Fuego, through mystical cloud forests and admire an extraordinary sunrise above the clouds. Experience through my pictures not only the beauty, power and fascinating nature of this living mountain but also the breathtaking spectacle of the volcano spewing fire every 15 minutes - a reminder of the continuous change our planet is undergoing and how small and powerless we humans really are.