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When planning a trip to Central America, Nicaragua is probably not immediately the first choice. Repeated political unrest, travel warnings or other reasons not to venture there tend to put people off visiting the country in the middle of the continent. Even though it has an incredible amount of things to offer.
Whether it's climbing active volcanoes near Leon, surfing perfect barrels in the Pacific Ocean near Popoyo or paddling through winding river and marshland on a volcanic island in the middle of a huge lake on Ometepe - the possibilities are almost endless.
But more than just the experiences in nature, I was particularly taken with the rural colonial towns and trips in the overcrowded chicken bus. Nowhere else can you get such a great insight into the life of the people in Nicaragua - a very special experience. Not to mention the remote Corn Islands with their Caribbean flair, the magnificent underwater world and the relaxed island life.
I hope this photo report gives you enough reasons to seriously consider traveling to a country where change and a positive perception from the outside is incredibly important.