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In the 6 days I spent crossing Madeira on foot, I was able to experience all the faces of the island up close. Breathtaking coastal views, bizarre and rugged mountainscapes, narrow paths through low-hanging clouds in enchanted primeval forests and a sea of colorful flowers - all this can be found on this extraordinary island in the middle of the Atlantic.
But also unpredictable changes in the weather, stiff breezes, strenuous climbs through days of rain and dangerously narrow paths on 500m high cliffs.
A trip that pushed me to my limits. I've never given up in my life, but here I was on the verge. I'm glad I didn't do it. And instead to have found myself again in a time full of changes along the way.
Crossing Madeira, alone, with just my backpack and my camera was one of the most challenging, inspiring and beautiful experiences of my life. The photos of this adventure will always live in my portfolio rent free.