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Homestory with Janet, Fine & Michael

We enjoyed a wonderful day with Fabian last year. He was very professional and responded to our requests. The result was perfect. I would always recommend Fabian and I hope he will be our photographer at our wedding.

- Michael Jarchow

Cenote Diving Yucatán

Fabian is my guy! We have been diving together in the cenote and i was the guide for the day. He told me that he wanted to take pictures during the dive and I have done my best to make his wish come true. Underwater, honestly he was the one having taken the lead of the dive. Showing the best Perspectives, volumes, lights and shades, he was bossy underwater telling me where I should stay, how I should behave and the result is amazing. A dive time I have learned a lot about underwater photography. He is a real pro. It was a pleasure diving with him but even more it was a real amazement when we discovered the pictures he took. Thanks Fabian sharing your passion with me and having set on stone these beautiful memories.

- Aydin, The Cenote Guy

Jenah St. 

Fabian's pictures are always a pleasure to discover as he manages to grasp moments of joy or surprise on the guests's faces, as well as captures the ambiance of the evening beautifully. It's the 4th time he takes pictures during various events organised at Jenah St. and I'll definitely continue to ask him to shoot for such occasion in the future. He always takes time to shoot decoration elements and product photographs which is perfectly adapted for curated brand events.

- Jena Bautmans, Jenah St. 


I am Fabian, a Berlin-born and based self-taught documentary, travel and people photographer.

I love to tell vivid stories in which my photographs act as an amplifier to relate to the sincere feelings and emotions experienced at that particular moment.

Being a curious explorer, I intend to display the places I go with the belief in mind, that photography can be the key to unlocking and nurturing our native curiosity of the world and inspire to get to know it's rich and wonderful palette of people. 

My documentary people work therefore grounds on being an empathetic listener, sharp observer and sensor of personalities, I build connections with my subjects through a positive personality and an approachable smile on my face, intending to reveal the underlying nature of their personalities and their true selves. 

Having worked as a Consultant and Coach in the Tech world myself I’ve also come across a wide array of motives in the everyday hustle and bustle of Design Thinking, business models, creative question marks and excitement in the corporate world.

I’d be more than happy to catch emotional, exciting, thinking, discussing, creating, exchanging, enjoying and most importantly authentic moments together with you. 

If there are any open questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away. I’m available via phone or will get back to you via eMail as soon as possible!

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