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During my travels through South America, it became quite clear to me that this continent has some of the starkest contrasts in living conditions that I have ever encountered.
Never before had I seen this so clearly before me and never before had I realized how many lives on this continent are predetermined from the moment they enter this world.
An incredibly grounding and emotional realization that made me feel a strong urge to share it with the world.
In this very special heart project, I focus on children in different South American countries and try to portray from their perspective what the idea that there is a world out there that looks very different from the one they know does to them.
The most amazing observation: no matter what difficult situation they grew up in and how big the differences between them were, they all always carried an enthusiastic smile, cheerfulness and that positive naivety into the world that we adults tend to lose at a certain point in our lives.
Somehow they inspired me not to let go of the child in me. scrolled all this way down.

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