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The world around us seems to be moving faster and faster every day. Day in, day out, we try to optimize ourselves and others more and more. We strive to move forward and rely more and more on digital technologies. The complexity of our environment often seems almost impossible to understand and process in its entirety.
In this dynamic, it is easy for us to simply forget what makes us human - the ability to communicate with each other face to face, to be empathetic, to really perceive and appreciate the other person.
With this in mind, I encouraged employees of a technology consultancy to tell the stories of colleagues who had particularly inspired, motivated and appreciated them this year. I invited the protagonists of these stories to a photo shoot and captured their unique personalities and what their colleagues appreciated about them in authentic black and white portraits.
The portraits and the accompanying stories were then printed on acrylic and are now on display at the headquarters for visitors and employees alike. scrolled all this way down.

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