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10 friends. 10 games. 10 years.
Sometimes, when I talk about it, I can hardly believe it myself.
Actually, whenever my friends and I got together, we always played games. Most of the time we even came up with new games. One rather hot Berlin party night over 10 years ago, however, an idea was born that was also a whole new level even for us.
For a whole day, we would compete against each other in different games, each of us with a different bro at our side. Of course, the team names also had to contain "Bro" somehow.
No prizes. No trophy. All the winning team could win was the honor of being the official winner of the "Brolympics" for a year - and the right to tease the other 8 for 365 days.
A lot has happened since then. The team has grown, games have been added, we have swapped Volkspark Friedrichshain for villas with pools, soccer pitches, tennis courts and even a golf course. Vor 10 years haven’t skipped one competition!
But one thing has remained the same throughout – the spirit and the friendship!
Pictures of a project that isn't really a project at all.
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