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From the moment I first set foot on the island of leprechauns, lush green meadows and jet-black Guinness, I somehow felt at home. Everywhere I went, I felt welcome and wonderfully taken in.
As rough and cold as the sea and the weather around the Emerald Isle can be, the people there are warm and welcoming. No matter how uncomfortable and challenging the landscape can be, when you open the creaky wooden doors of the pubs, you enter a different world. Comfort, conviviality, music and cozy warmth - the pub culture and Irish tradition are something very special.
Whenever I think of Ireland, I feel that warm and cozy feeling again and it brings a big smile to my face.
This series is not just a collection of impressions from several trips to Ireland - it is actually a testimony to the beginnings of my travel photography and therefore has a very special place in my portfolio.