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Do you like traveling? Do you search the internet for exotic locations and dream of the perfect beach where you can stretch out and simply forget about time? Are you looking forward to taking the next intercontinental flight and exploring a vibrant metropolis? Of course you do! And so do I.
But have you ever thought about just stepping out the door and exploring what the country around you has to offer?
After my trip around the world, I really realized that there are so many unique places, people and traditions to discover in my home country of Germany that I still want to get to know. So I decided to see more of what makes the country of my origin so special.
So let me take you on a photographic journey across Germany and show you the beauty and diversity of my home country.
From the North Sea coast to the deepest forests of the Black Forest. From the vibrant life in Berlin to the relaxed country life. I believe Germany has something for everyone - more than you might think.