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A photographic documentation of the passion for music, live, work and brotherly bond of the singer-songwriter band-duo Lucas & Felix Hain - called "Oh Brother".​​

Not often do you get to meet the kind of musical talent that simply needs to listen to a song and is then able to perform it with any instrument available and a voice that raises the tiny hairs on your forearms. On top of that, it's even more unlikely that such kind of talent is part of your closest circle of friends.​

So, naturally, being able to observe and accompany the musical journey of Lucas and Felix Hain has become a special pleasure and passion project of mine. 

Virtuous with acoustical guitars, an e-piano and blessed with enchantingly catchy voices, the two have made the journey from performing beautiful interpretations of famous pop songs in the streets of Berlin, towards writing their own music under their band's name "Oh Brother" and producing songs with renowned artists.

Having lived through tough times that have bonded them together as brothers like nothing else could, my photographs display their brotherly connection, passion for music, hard work, street artist nature and what keeps them going on their journey through life and the industry.

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