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During my travels in South America it became brutally evident to me, that this continent features some of the strongest contrasts in living conditions that I had ever come across.​

Never before had I seen this so clearly before me and never before had I realised how many lives on this continent are predetermined the minute they are entering this world. What a grounding and emotional realisation that was! And something that I felt the strong urge to document and share.​

Focusing on the kids I try to display the dilemma from their point of view, not knowing that there's a world out there that looks way different than the one they consider normal.​

The most stunning observation though – no matter in which challenging situation they were growing up and how big the differences between them were, they all carried enthusiastic smiles, happiness and this positive naiveté into the world that us grown-ups tend to loose at a certain point in our lives. Somehow they inspired me to not let go of the child inside of me.

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